Medical Billing Outsourcing in the USAAnytime a consumer buys something, there are certain non-negotiable factors that weigh in. For many residents in the USA, one of those factors often includes whether or not their products or services are provided in the USA. At Outsource Receivables, Inc., & Health PCP, we are proud to provide all of our medical billing outsourcing in the USA. There are many different reasons to choose ORI, & Health PCP as your medical billing experts and being locally based in the USA is just one of them.

ORI was started in 1998 as a medical collections agency in the Upper Midwest. What began as a small team, quickly escalated to a group of professionals who provide medical billing outsourcing to many different clinics, practices and hospitals around the country. Our vision is to simplify the way medical providers get reimbursed and take financial strain off of them so that the focus can be centered in on healthcare and taking care of patients. Our team of professionals are certified medical reimbursement specialists who also have a vast amount of knowledge and experience in multiple areas of healthcare.

Staying Ahead of Medical Billing Updates

If you ask any provider what the greatest benefit of medical billing outsourcing may be, most of them will concur that not having to constantly monitor insurance and Medicare changes is a real plus. We believe that keeping all of our medical billing outsourcing in the USA allows our team to focus in on our country’s changes in the healthcare system. It allows us to catch new regulations and implement them appropriately so that none of our providers receive denied claims due to clerical errors that should have been dealt with long before a claim was denied. Staying in the USA allows ORI, & Health PCP experts to focus on core competencies and reimbursements for your practice.

Medical Billing Outsourcing in the USA

Every practice we partner with has a go-to client account manager that will check in with you and go over any issues that may arise. If there is ever a problem or concern that a practice may have, our ability to take swift action and answer your questions and concerns right away is never compromised due to location and or time zones. Medical billing outsourcing in the USA allows us to have a closer partnership with our clients, health care insurance providers and works towards the common goals that we share.

For more information about ORI, & Health PCP medical billing outsourcing, give us a call today at (866) 585-2800.

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