They are always finding ways for technology to make medical billing outsource companies more efficient; however, having the data is just one piece of the puzzle.  Interpreting it is key to the client’s long term success.

One of the special features of our Team is our willingness to be your strategic partner as a medical billing outsource company.  To that end, we are able to provide many types of standard and custom reports for our clients that really dig into the data for analysis.

On a base level, all of our clients receive aging insurance and self-pay reports to see what their A/R balances are from week to week.  We also provide a receipts log that aligns with bank statements.

Customized reports are as unique as our clients.  Some of our clients like to have a monthly report showing a line-by-line analysis of all their deposits for the month.  A report like this is helpful for us and for our clients in the reconciliation process especially when electronic deposits are being made from multiple insurance companies.  This ensures all deposits are being logged and applied properly.

Another recent report created for a client shows in line-by-line fashion the amount an insurance company paid for a service and compares it to what their contract says they should be paid for said service.  This report empowered the client to do a detailed audit of their insurance payments with ease.

Other reports we’ve created include customized bookkeeping and tracking as well as provider relative value unit (RVU) reports. Almost any report you can imagine is available and ORI will customize to fit the client needs as a professional medical billing outsource company.

What information does your data hold?  As your complete medical billing outsource company team, ORI can help empower your organization to make better informed decisions. More importantly, ORI will work with your office to understand the reports, identify trends, set goals, and take strategic actions.

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