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Outsourced Medical Billing Reporting & Analysis

Medical Billing Reporting & AnalysisWe are in the business of making your life easier and that means providing you with the information you need to run a more cost-efficient medical practice through professional medical billing. This process begins and ends with reporting and analysis customized to the needs of your independent medical practice.

Examples of some of our standard monthly reports include:

  • Charges
  • Denials
  • Rejections
  • Self-pay
  • Receipts log
  • Doctor’s production reports

In addition to the many standard reports we provide to our clients each month, we also want to work with you to customize reports that help you become more successful.

Daily dashboards and assistance with clinic projections help you build your business and build ORI in turn. A second set of expertly trained eyes can see things you don’t.  As a value-added service to our client’s, we provide an extensive medical billing analysis of cash flow for your clinic to move it in the right direction.

The ORI medical billing analysis includes:

  1. Review of your receipts log.
  2. A check to be sure all billing is being posted and done correctly.
  3. Scans looking for global trends such as whether a certain claim type is consistently causing an issue.
  4. Review of coding to see if miscoding issues are holding up claims.
  5. Analysis of self-pay and review to motivate patients to pay timely.
  6. A review to see what overall changes in a clinic could be implemented to move you to the volume you desire.

To learn how your independent medical practice can benefit from medical billing outsourcing with ORI, contact us today.

Outsource Receivables Inc. provides medical billing expertise to surgical, family practice, specialty clinics, therapy offices, and mental health clinics throughout the Upper Midwest. With offices in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Chicago, Illinois; we have a special focus on clinics in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Madison, Milwaukee, Des Moines, Sioux Falls and Fargo.

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