If you’re in medical billing, you understand how important it is to have a really good clearinghouse.  Acting as a middleman between your office and insurance companies, the clearinghouse checks claims for errors, places information in standard format and sends it on to insurance for payment.

ORI has fully integrated our clearinghouse communication with our in-house workflow system.  This integration allows us to schedule workflow by priority and moves items such as denials and rejections to the front-of-the line to be worked and followed up on quickly.  Working any advice from the clearinghouse in a timely fashion keeps payments coming in quickly for our clients.  It also helps to ensure our clients are receiving the maximum payment for their services.

When looking for the right medical billing clearinghouse fit, it’s important to consider whether your software systems are compatible.  In order for the technology to work for you it needs to work within your current system.  The main clearinghouses ORI uses are eTactics, Zirmed and Gateway EDI.  These systems electronically bill to most insurance providers eliminating any need for paper based submissions speeding up the payment process. In addition, they provider real-time verification of insurance eligiblity.

We’ve also set the clearinghouses to provide ERA files from payers eliminating the need to spend time manually entering each line, which improves accuracy and timelines.

Using technology to streamline the medical billing process is a one of our biggest commitments at Outsource Receivables Inc.  To learn more about how ORI and improve your ROI, contact Dan Smits at 763-398-5209.

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