As of June 12, 2019, 96% of Americans own a cellphone of some kind and 81% have a smartphone. Apps, online bill pay, and scheduling everything from soccer practices to dental appointments is happening everyday on a mobile device. Is your clinic keeping up with the busy lives of your patients? Maybe an even better question is whether your practice is truly leveraging technology for efficiency.
If you’re not sure, the information below is a great read for you.
Patients are acting and demanding healthcare practices provide the same conveniences they are used to with other businesses. They want to be served timely, be able to communicate easily via apps and online web portals, pay bills online, and they are shopping between providers to get the best prices for the services they need. Just like the local auto repair shop, your practice is competing now more than ever for the patients that walk through your door.
Consumers today are busy! Whether they are truly busier than those 10 or 15 years ago may be a debatable issue, but the perception is there. The fast pace of information flow driven by the Internet is fueling the demand and filling the need for consumers to be conducting all types of business while they are on the go.
How can you transform your office to fill their needs?
  • Online scheduling.
  • Digital forms that can be completed before their appointments or completed quickly at the office
  • Reduce wait times at the office. By improving your patient flow process, you’ll save your staff and your patients precious time that can be used to increase overall patient volume and cash flow for the practice.
  • Apps – our iPhones have trained us to look for apps to help manage our lives. Does your practice have an app for scheduling, communication, payments and billing notifications?
Experts in medical billing/workflow digital tools, Outsource Receivables Inc. can help your practice find the most effective solutions to grow the business. To learn more about the services we offer and to request a demo, contact us today.
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