In late March, Outsource Receivables Inc. had the opportunity to sit down with Midwest Healthcare Network Board Chairman Dr. John English to gather some tips for independent medical practices.

Among our questions for Dr. English were; “What is the importance of independent physicians to consumers, and what resources are available for independent physicians in Minnesota?”

One statement found on the Midwest Independent Practice Association’s website sums up why independent physicians are important to the health care system.
Independent Doctors…
Are free to work with all health systems
Are free to offer all treatment choices
Are free to refer patients anywhere necessary
Are free to give patients
all their medical options all the time.

An independent network of physicians provides patients the ability to select from a complete array of health professionals rather than being limited to a selection within one corporation.

Dr. English identified three excellent resources available, in Minnesota, for independent physicians:  Minnesota Healthcare Network, Midwest Independent Practice Association (MIPA), and Triium.

Minnesota Healthcare Network
Minnesota Healthcare Network (MHN) is comprised of over 60 clinics and 460 primary care physicians located throughout Minnesota and western Wisconsin.  They maintain close relationships with over 500 specialists in order to better coordinate your care.
The network and website maintained by the Minnesota Healthcare Network is a good marketing opportunity for independent doctors.  Becoming part of the network is free to independent primary care physicians.  Physician groups do need to be approved by Minnesota Healthcare Network’s Board of Directors.  Independent providers large or small are able to join the network.

Midwest Independent Practice Association (MIPA)

The Midwest Independent Practice Association is another marketing tool focusing on the independent provider.  The mission of MIPA is to preserve, promote and expand independent medical practice to best serve the patient. MIPA was developed to encourage the direct relationship between patients and doctors.
MIPA is NOT an HMO or PPO. Patients do not need to be a member of a health plan in order to use the services of a MIPA member doctor.  MIPA was formed in 2006 and has rapidly increased its membership to where at present over 500 independent primary-care and specialty physicians in Minnesota and Wisconsin are part of the network.


The third resource Dr. English identified as beneficial for independent practices is Triium.
Triium is a group purchasing organization that helps primary and specialty care physician’s practices leverage their collective purchasing power to obtain discounts from vendors.  Started in 1993, benefits provided by Triium include:

  • A savings of 15-25% on products physicians purchase regularly.
  • The collective group has the buying power to take advantage of discounts for cost savings.
  • Time is saved by the practice researching products and pricing.
  • Membership in Triium is at no cost to the medical practice.
  • Any physician’s group is eligible to join Triium, large or small.

Outsource Receivables Inc. is the preferred medical billing specialist of Triium. ORI provides revenue cycle management expertise to surgical, family practice, specialty clinics, therapy offices, and mental health clinics throughout the Upper Midwest. Located in Minnesota, we have a special focus on clinics in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Madison, Milwaukee, Des Moines, Souix City and Fargo. To inquire about cost savings in your office’s medical billing, contact Outsource Receivables Inc. at 763-585-2800.  Or visit on the web at


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