How to Use a Billing Company to Fix Your Broken Practice Management SystemManaging a medical practice can be incredibly complex. From scheduling appointments, to dealing with staff schedules; running a practice can quickly become overwhelming. Thankfully there are several practice management systems that can help ease some of the pain felt in a clinic’s back office. Due to our vast experience in the medical billing arena, Outsource Receivables can help you revamp your systems to ensure your practice is running as efficiently as possible.

The Problem May Not Be Your Practice Management System, But in How it’s Being Utilized

At Outsource Receivables, we have decades of experience helping medical practices of all sizes improve their medical billing processes. Because of this experience, we often can come into a medical office and without changing out their practice management system help them to enhance the efficiency of their existing system. We’ve worked with all the major practice management systems. This means we are likely well-versed in yours.

If you’re not happy with your current practice management system, we can also make suggestions to help you find a solution that works better for your unique workflow.

Let Your Billing Company Be Your Advocate Related to Technology Issues

One of the key benefits of working with a medical billing company like Outsource Receivables is the amount of work we provide upfront to ensure a successful relationship between our company and your medical office. Below are some of the technology services offered:

• Ongoing training – Technology changes all the time, which is why it’s our responsibility to ensure your team is properly trained and aware of any new technology features that could boost the productivity of your medical practice.
• Technology assistance – Once we engage with a medical office, we’ll handle all cloud issues including hosting and connectivity.
• Automated updates – All software and technology updates will be handled by Outsource Receivables.
• Robust analytics – Because of our firm’s knowledge base on the wide array of available technology, we’re able to generate in-depth reports that can instantly tell you where your practice stands in terms of productivity and profitability at any time.

Long Term Medical Billing Office

If you’re interested in learning more about the Outsource Receivables difference, don’t hesitate to reach out to our medical billing team today. We can be reached in our Minneapolis office at 866-585-2800 or our Chicago office at 708-864-4972.

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