In our modern and soon-to-be post-COVID era, it’s more important than ever for clinics to update the ways they can stand out to potential patients. The healthcare industry is consistently evolving, so many patients expect the same of their providers. However, what does “standing out” entail?
Investing in Equipment and Software 
Patients coming to your office will notice if your waiting room or individual appointment rooms look outdated whether its your furniture or equipment. Additionally, patients have become sensitized to safety protocols and clinic procedures and expect office spaces to reflect this, COVID or not. It benefits your practice to stay updated on any equipment that will streamline your processes or make services quicker while making patients feel comfortable. Additionally, your staff will have an easier time recording, communicating, and filing claims with up-to-date software that fits your clinics’ needs.
Participating in Online Marketing 
Now more than ever, patients are able to view or communication with healthcare providers through social networks and email. To show off your practice, online marketing has become one of the best ways to promote and gather new clients. Posting photos of your staff on social media and putting together an email newsletter will make sure you stay on their radar. Moreover, making online methods to communicate with providers and staff or schedule are the norm, not the exception, so ensure your online presence accommodates.
Having a Well-Staffed and -Trained Front Team 
As the face of your clinic, your front staff will be the main form of communication between patients and doctors. A front staff that is spread too thin will not be able to respond to inquiries in a timely manner, so it’s important to also have enough employees on hand. Training employees to ask patients what they need to be comfortable is also important. As we transition from COVID some patients will not feel safe with everything ‘back to normal.
Follow-up Based on Patient Preferences  
After COVID-19, most providers have had to adjust or update their communication services to focus on contactless options. However, that can still be a variety of ways. Ask the patient if they would prefer being contacted through a phone call, text, or email.
Asking for Reviews 
Finding the right healthcare provider has become a research task for many patients. They first check to see which providers are in their network, and then they often google the clinics to see their online presence. They want to see information like staff, how the office can be contacted, and especially how others have reviewed the clinic. Ask your patients if they would be willing to leave a Google review.
Having a Working Revenue Cycle 
When a clinic is having issues receiving their full refunds due to incorrect billing, it can show in a variety of ways: budget cuts, stressed staff, and unorganized payment communication with patients. Take a look at your overall revenue cycle and where it’s having trouble. If your billers aren’t up to the task of accurately handling your billing, it may be time to outsource to experts.
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