As the cost of healthcare continues to put stress on patients, it’s more important than ever for medical clinics to leave a good impression whether it’s for a first or follow-up appointment. Earning the trust of your patients is an essential part of providing excellent healthcare services not only for the benefit of your clinic’s revenue but also to fulfill your clinic’s mission.

In general, here are some key focuses on where to improve your clinic’s processes for your patient’s benefit.

Improved technology

One of the biggest complaints providers receive is that they need to update their services to offer more digital options or their digital software is too difficult to use. Spurred on by the pandemic, patients have been looking for contactless options like virtual appointments, online scheduling, and online payments. In other words, it’s a solid investment for medical offices to either upgrade or start implementing a system into their work.

Clear process

Bills are one of the most anxious parts of healthcare for many patients, and there’s also a fear that they will forget to pay what they owe. Make sure patients are aware ofprovider communicating with patient how they’ll be receiving their bill whether that’s through a letter or an online portal. Ask them if they have a preference. Many patients now a days appreciate the ease of online bills since they can pay it through their card. Checks are starting to become less popular compared to cards; plus, there’s the issue of mail delays when sending a letter. Keep in mind, however, that an online process will be a learning curve for older patients. It’s important to have a way for them to contact your office for questions pertaining to how they can pay their bill.

Informed staff

Staff should be up to date on policies of their office, how to use their software as a patient, and commonly asked questions related to insurance and billing. Patients might try to call the office to ask about why they were charged for something or another cost on their bill. Before an appointment, they might even call beforehand to ask about any out-of-pocket costs they might encounter beforehand. With the confusion of insurance and what’s covered, patients want bill transparency, so they know exactly what to expect on their bills.

If your clinic has been struggling with patient turnover or a lack of clear communication, then it’s time to bring in the experts. Outsource Receivables Inc. offers a variety of solutions to help streamline your clinic’s process and billing system. For additional questions or to start discussing next steps, give us a call.

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