Patients are overwhelmingly looking for providers that offer them a multitude of digital convenience options. Their top wants range from online payments to online scheduling to virtual appointments. As a result, providers have been investing in more software and digital tools that can improve the experience of both staff and patient. Choosing the right telehealth software plays a large part. If you choose one that can’t handle your patient workflow or it lacks proper IT support, it will become detrimental to your patient care methods.  

To feel confident in your investment, be prepared to do some research around the various aspects of a potential software such as: Provider testing digital tool to choose the right telehealth software


While some platforms were granted special HIPAA permission during the height of COVID, practices need to now invest in a platform that follows regulations. Before moving farther in your research, check that the platform is HIPAA compliant. It’s also essential for your patients’ information be protected through strong network security solutions. Many hackers have begun targeting healthcare platforms due to all the sensitive information they can hold. Data should be properly encrypted, and they should offer two-factor authentication for extra security. Moreover, you can limit IP address access for staff so they can only login when on-site on approved workstations.  

User Experience 

Depending on your practice demographics, patients and family members using your platforms will most likely vary in age from younger, more tuned to digital tools, to older, less intuitive to digital trends. The navigation needs to be straightforward and clear to make sure everyone has a positive experience. Look for software with positive reviews on the design and that offers a trial test. Then your staff can thoroughly test it out and evaluate if it will also work for their needs. All software will have a bit of a learning curve, but hopefully the platform offers adequate resources. 

Chat and Scheduling Tools 

To really get the most out of your software, it should offer a variety of tools to support streamlining your telehealth process. An online scheduler connected to your office calendar will help keep all appointments—in-person and virtual—organized. Then patients can choose the doctor they want, look at their schedule, and request an appointment. Additionally, a chat option can get them connected to staff if they’re having an issue with the software. In some cases, providers can even use a chat to replace the need for a virtual appointment, if it’s a quick question. 

IT Support 

Issues can happen at any time, and your patients will most likely come to you if they experience a problem on your platform. As a result, your staff will be the ones communicating with customer support. Check to see that the software offers a variety of support contact options—chat, phone, and email—to show that they’re accessible.  

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