Once you’ve decided it’s time to explore outsourced medical billing, how do you find the right company? Handing over your medical billing can be a stressful step, but it’s often the right one thanks to how an experienced billing company can save you money. As you begin the search, here are some important questions to consider and ask:

How’s their communication with clients?

Before signing an agreement, it’s important to know how the company communicates with their clients. Ask them questions like: Will there be a dedicated rep to your clinic? How will they contact you and what type of communication tools will they use? Are they offering doctor calling companies for information on medical billingconsulting to resolve additional questions/concerns and what is the cost?

Do they have specialty experience?

Medical billing is a complicated part of healthcare, and that gets especially more demanding once clinics venture into specialty practices. Knowing the proper billing and appeals processes for those types of claims is essential for a strong revenue cycle, so you want an outsourced team that’s experienced with handling the type and volume of billing.

How do they send reports?

When you move from in-house to outsourced, transparency is essential. Ask how they keep your clinic up to date with the status of receivables. When one is denied, do they assure timely proper follow-up? When a claim is unpaid, can they handle the collections process?

Are they prepared to handle your practice management system?

The healthcare market offers a large variety of software for medical clinics to use for their day-to-day tasks, scheduling, and billing needs. A good medical billing company should be familiar with a majority of practice management systems out there or willing to work with your system if not.

Are they HIPAA compliant?

The company will need access to confidential patient information to complete the billing, so they should be following HIPAA compliancy practices. Also, since they are dealing with sensitive information, they should have the proper security in place to avoid that information being susceptible to hackers.

Are they US-based?

It’s important to hire a US-based medical billing company that has experience with the American healthcare system. Ask where they’re located and how large their team is to ensure you’re getting the proper support.

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