When it finally comes time to evaluate processes, some medical clinics are lost on how to correct lost revenue due to billing issues. It may mean you need to hire another biller for your team, or it may be time to explore the benefits of outsourcing. Some offices start out hesitant to go from in-house to outsourced, but then they learn about all the benefits.

There are many areas to consider:

Billing staff costs. Typically, the salary of, for example, two medical billers with benefits such as medical/vision/retirement plan plus the initial training costs will end up amounting to more than outsourcing. Most outsourced billing companies will charge you at an hourly rate, which typically does not add up to as much annually. ORI guarantees our clients save at least 15% because of our efficiencies and expert team.

Software. Not all EMR/EHR software is the same. Some are better suited to large clinics and some are better for smaller clinics. Even better, a software that can be customized will help your office efficiently manage patient record, clinic workflow, and billing. Just upgrading can save you costs as well, but then you need help finding the right one.

Denied claims. While this depends on the company, ORI’s employees average 5 years of experience in the industry with many of the team having significantly more years of experience. This essential knowledge of the industry and continuing to keep up on changes helps our clients decrease their denied claims. They will always have expert billers on their side to handle the claims.

Security protocols. Since medical offices deal with confidential information, they should have the right measures in place to protect their client’s patient information. Utilizing a secure cloud based hosted environment ensures data is not sotred on local machines. Moreover, having an IT company that can professionally manage your security and software is no longer optional with today’s security threats. ORI has all of these precautions in place to ensure security and compliance so we uphold HIPAA regulations for our clients.

If your providers and staff are struggling to get their chart notes done and getting bills submitted on time, then you most likely need some additional help, such as an expert, outsourced billing team. Give Outsource Receivables Inc. a call to see how outsourcing your billing, evaluating your digital systems, and improving your administrative tasks can benefit your clinic.

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