Outsource Receivables Inc is proud to be the Twin Cities’ local medical billing expert and trusted service for clinics of all specialties along with ambulance/medical transport and school-based Medicaid billing. Our customizable services allow us to efficiently serve each of our clients and any local, state, or federal regulations that might apply. Healthcare services and billing methods are constantly evolving, which means that billing staff needs to keep up with current trends and rules. If they don’t, the medical services will lose revenue. Overall, “Medical groups are losing 3% to 5% of their net revenue from inadequate RCM processes and procedures” (“Making Bank: Managing and Monitoring Your Revenue Cycle” 2018 MGMA Conference).

Along with providing user-friendly software or interfacing with your current software, our medical billing staff will handle the necessary state and local reporting for maximum reimbursement for school districts. Our experts have the skills to efficiently navigate Medicaid billing and how that pertains to your IEP billing needs and customize to your district’s level.

Services for school-based Medicaid billing include:

Direct Service Claiming (DSC)
• Provider Eligibility
• Student Eligibility
• Provider Service Documentation
• Quarterly (Interim) Billing
• Direct Service Cost Reporting

Administrative Activity Claiming (AAC)
• Administrative Cost Reporting
• Medicaid Eligibility Enrollment Reports
• Random Moment Time Study (RMTS) Monitoring
• RMTS Quarterly Updates
• Training
• Data Analysis
• Security – NEMB is HIPAA and FERPA compliant

As with all medical billing, ambulance/medical transport billing requires experts to maximize cash flow through an accurate and streamlined process special to the service. Outsource Receivables Inc is proud to have a consistent 95% collection rate on our ambulance billing record. In addition, our expertise includes: emergency transport, non-emergency transport, and non-medical transport. We can also aid with verification of patient eligibility, documentation audits, detailed report analysis, preparation of abatement lists, and more.

Discover all the ways Outsource Receivables can improve your school Medicaid or ambulance billing process by contacting our experts today.

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