As the healthcare industry evolves and becomes even more important during these difficult times, new and established clinics are evaluating their system and revenue for ways to improve. In some cases, this eludes to the need for outsourcing, but then the question becomes who should they hire for the job? In general, they should look for a US-based company if they are in the US and inquire about the specifics of how that company has helped their clients succeed. Can they do more than just support or take over the billing team? What services do they offer to help the clinic succeed in other ways such as updated technology?
Thanks to our efficient team and outsourcing process, Outsource Receivables Inc. proudly helps clients across the nation—both established and new. When we help with startup clinics especially, we focus on a strong foundation.
  • Finding the best software for your clinic’s needs so you can stay relevant and organized. We recommend one that allows patients to request appointments online, make online payments, and get in touch with your staff through a patient portal.
  • Establish an efficient workflow to streamline. Our experts specialize in creating efficiencies in your process.
  • Evaluate if there are ways to incorporate telehealth options. While a lot of healthcare requires in-person services, the past year has especially shown how digital appointments can be useful in certain instances. It can increase a clinic’s revenue, show their versatility, and increase their overall patient numbers.
  • Train the staff on a relevant patient information needs and how it relates to billing. In general, the front staff are a clinic’s best way to communicate with patients on any changes to their insurance, gathering co-pays, and addressing any unpaid bills. A startup clinic will need to know the best ways to streamline these procedures.
  • Staying consistent between multiple providers, staff, and facilities. If a client is opening more clinics in their practice, then consistency between those different locations will help create a good base the patients can trust in. All process updates should be established between locations so there’s not a gap in quality of care for the overall clinic brand.
Outsource Receivables Inc. have multiple offices across the US, and we work with clinics nationwide. We have clients in most states and have continued to add on cliental. Additionally, we are equipped to help with streamlining established clinics and helping new clinics create a solid start to their process. Contact us to see how we can get your revenue off to a strong start.
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