When dealing with the complexity of medical billing, many clinics can fall behind due to changing codes, evolving standards, upgraded technology, and inefficient processes. Even if one of those steps gets out of align, it can then affect the rest of the procedure and result in denied claims and a slowed revenue stream. Some of the most important parts of the procedure include:
  • Front staff acquiring all relevant information from the patient. If there’s been a change in their insurance, then the clinic needs to know so they can bill the correct company.
  • Proper notetaking ensures that details such as the duration of the appointment and what was discussed are recorded. That information can drastically change the type of code the billers use. If the incorrect one is used, it can result in a denied claim or the clinic not getting properly reimbursed for their time.
  • If the software the clinic uses works slowly, is not customized to their needs, or has other issues that prevent a streamlined workflow, then it’s a detriment to the overall billing process. Patients are also more inclined to go with clinics that have the option of online scheduling, communication, and payment. It saves the front staff time when performing patient outreach, and online payment options are proven to be more effective when collecting revenue.
  • A well-oiled process will also include follow-up for when patients are falling behind on their payments. Whether that’s through automated reminders from a patient portal or by phone, there should be a procedure in place for unpaid claim follow-up.
If any of these common issues sound familiar, then it might be time to look into the benefits of outsourcing. When working with the right outsourced billing company, they can do more than just increase your revenue through expert billing services. Outsource Receivables can recommend efficiency upgrades and work with your practice to implement for a win-win solution.
Outsource Receivables Inc., for instance, will work with your clinic to diagnose any setbacks in your overall clinic system. One of the biggest ones we help with are technology upgrades for better efficiencies. Our staff are well-versed in a variety of billing software, and we are also prepared to learn new ones if the clinic wishes not to upgrade. However, in these modern times and especially after COVID caused a surge in digital tools, we have found that process consistency operates better with customizable, reliable technology. Plus, we specifically monitor industry standards to see if there are any important changes in billing codes or the software used for it.
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