The past year has been a difficult period of rapid adaptation for the healthcare industry, and we’re still unsure how it will all permanently affect the standard going forward. Additionally, clinics that were not as prepared in a digital sense found themselves at a large disadvantage—especially if they were rural or a small practice. No matter the size of the specialty clinic, our expert billers have been aiding both existing and new clients throughout the year to help them survive these rocky times. We have done this by:
Keeping up with special codes. 
As with many aspects of the healthcare industry, COVID-19 caused updates and changes to the coding that clinics use. With increased cleaning procedures, the potential addition of COVID-19 testing, and switching to telehealth appointments, daily medical billing codes became even more complex. If the clinics’ billers weren’t up to date or prepared for all those changes, then the clinic could have been missing out on revenue opportunities or losing revenue due to incorrect claims. Our experts are continuously learning industry changes, so we were able to properly execute these codes for clients.
Helping them find the right software for their needs. 
If anything, the nature of the pandemic caused industries all around to digitalize their processes and utilize the technology that was already there. However, all of the EMR software out there can overwhelm a clinic that’s trying to adapt and figure out what’s best for their needs and budget. We are familiar with most software on the market, so we can help train the staff on how to use it as well. Additionally, that helps us get the accurate information we need for billing.
Helping them balance their budget better. 
In the past year, clinics most likely saw a fluctuation of slow and busy times depending on if their state went into a period of lockdown. Due to this, some budgets might have become very strained with salaried billers on staff that would have much less claims to file, which means less overall revenue for the clinic. However, for our clients that were already partnered with us or signed on in the past year, we allowed them the opportunity to better balance their budget by hiring our experts and paying them by the hour.
Outsource Receivables Inc. would be proud to partner with your specialty clinic and help improve your overall bottom line. We are industry leaders, and we manage over $300 million in billing for our clients every year. Contact us to learn more.
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