A variety of factors contribute to a successful clinic: excellent front staff, experienced doctors, streamlined billing, and a comprehensive EHR software are four important ones. While some of those will depend on the staff, a comprehensive EHR software can be a large part of how staff complete their tasks, communicate with patients, and streamline medical billing. Without robust medical billing software, a clinic could be missing out on important opportunities to ensure their service workflow is streamlined.
If you are seeking a new billing system…
We are experts in medical billing and a variety of medical billing platforms. We often have clients come to us with duel issues: they’re not getting enough out of their revenue cycle, and their software is out-of-date. Our experts can consult your office on the best fit for your needs—we have worked with both small- and large-sized clinics, so we know the typical needs of those offices.
If you want to keep your billing system…
We have worked with all major medical billing platforms and many others thanks to our diverse cliental. If we do come across something new, we are prepared to assess, document and train your staff and our medical billing on your system.
Either way, our clients benefit from an increase in revenue when they begin to work with our billing experts. Some of our guarantees include:
  • Saving you 15% overall. Outsourcing will often save clinics money as their revenue cycle improves and they don’t have to spend as much money on an in-house biller.
  • Maintaining your over 90 days aging at no more than 10% of your overall billing. Getting behind on billing is a main reason why clinics starts to lose revenue.
  • On average, any denials or insurance rejections will be worked within 48 hours of receipt. This helps us keep up so your clinic doesn’t fall behind on billing.
  • Experts on-hand who can answer your questions and resolve any issues you may have. If your staff starts to have issues with their software, for example, you can contact your ORI representatives to get it sorted out.
Overall, great communication and improved revenue has inspired a growing cliental as we continue to expand our company. We want to help your clinic succeed on the process and billing level especially, so give Outsource Receivables Inc. a call if you’re interested in upgrading your medical billing software and billing process.
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