As a precursor to deciding if it’s time to bring in outside help, go over your process and ask yourself these essential questions:

  • Are inquiries being answered in a timely manner?
  • Are patients returning or do you have high turnover?
  • Have there been issues with appointments being scheduled incorrectly?
  • Is the front staff gathering all relevant info?
  • Are claims going through correctly?
  • Do you have a high amount of unpaid, overdue bills?
  • Is your software failing at any tasks?

If you’re finding patterns and issues, then ORI can help. Our experts are prepared to help streamline your processes to then improve your administrative tasks and billing system. When onboarding a new client, ORI also ask ourselves a lot of these questions to diagnose the issues and get the improving them. Then we begin the process.

  • The client is assigned a manager who will take point as liaison. They will set up meetings to get familiar with the client’s systems and their software. At this point, a review of the software will also confirm whether or not they’re keeping the software or finding a new one.
  • We will help the clinic get familiar with their new software and system. Once they can navigate that, then they should start to see their tasks become more streamlined and organized.


If you’re still unsure on whether or not outsourcing would benefit your clinic, get a free medical billing assessment to see how much you could be saving. For additional questions or to start discussing next steps, give Outsource Receivables Inc. a call to see how we can benefit your clinic.


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