If there’s one thing that will most likely continue after COVID-19 becomes more controlled through a widely distributed vaccine, it’s providers taking advantage of virtual visits—especially for rural areas or for routine check-ins. To save staff time an for patient convenience, these tele-health appointments will allow clinics to better serve their patients from anywhere. Since specialty clinic scheduling is harder to access, this will benefit the clinic’s ability to expand their reach. An initial virtual appointment will help the doctor cover the basics of what their clinic can offer and if it matches up with the patient’s needs. Then, an in-person appointment will be more beneficial to all involved with the routine questions already covered. Additionally, these virtual appointments will help clinics serve more patients as an influx is to be expected after risk of COVID-19 lessens.
Due to the pandemic, many clinics saw a drastic decline in visits. These lost visit are resulting in a huge demand for appointments now and in the new future. Depending on how state government reacted to the health crisis and if they developed COVID-19 hot spots, clinics had to adapt at a moment’s notice and most likely rely on digital communication. Even before 2020, patient demand was beginning to focus on the ease of online communication and payment. If your clinic hasn’t already invested in an updated scheduling and reminder software for patient records, communication, payments, and billing, then it will be harder to handle the increase of inquiries and the patients who now expect the ease of digital communication.
Plus, the offices get a boost in productivity when they’ve invested in a Practice Management (PM) system that works for their needs—especially when submitting their billing. Due to the complexity of medical billing and how it requires information from almost all staff during the entire visit process, a digital system helps streamline what’s needed for a successful claim; correct insurance, contact info, personal data, appointment codes, and more. Patients are more likely to pay on time if they are sent an online statement and your clinic uses a payment system they can trust.
If you’re unsure how EHR and PM software can increase the productivity and revenue process of your clinic, contact Outsource Receivables Inc. to talk with our experts. We can help you save time and money through an improved software set-up and an expert, outsourced billing team working on improving your bottom line.
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