medical billng expertsWhen a clinic’s billing process gets behind, their bottom lines suffers for it. Those billing issues can start a wave of other problems such as delayed or incorrect billing, frustrated patients, a decrease in patients, and overworked employees. A specialty clinic’s billing needs to be handled by experts who are up-to-date on any changes in the industry and who continue to stay current.

One great way to solve those issues? Outsourcing to experts.

However, not all medical billing companies are the same; some lack the resources to customize to each of their clients needs, so look for one that has the ability to aid clinics of all sizes and specialties. They should be able to accommodate a client that need their complete billing process outsourced and those who will only need a few billing projects outsourced at a time. Plus, there are differences in billing between family physician clinics and specialty clinics. A medical billing company that does not adapt to their client’s needs will not be an asset to their billing process and could cause just as much or more stress that would occur keeping it in-house. Outsource Receivables is proud to offer customizable, high-quality medical billing services.

Along with expertly handling your billing, we utilize effective medical software to streamline your process for both the clinic and our staff.

We are equipped to handle a large variety of specialty clinics such as:

Cardiology Medical Billing, Chemical Dependency Medical Billing, Dermatology Medical Billing, Epilepsy Medical Billing, Family Practice Medical Billing, FQHC Medical Billing, Gastroenterology Medical Billing, Internal Medicine Medical Billing, Mental Health Medical Billing, Methadone Medical Billing, Multi-Specialty Medical Billing, Neurology Medical Billing, Ob/Gyn Medical Billing, Oncology Medical Billing, Orthopedics Medical Billing, Pain Management Medical Billing, Pediatric Medical Billing, Plastic Surgery Medical Billing, Podiatry Medical Billing, Psychology Medical Billing, Reproductive Medicine Medical Billing, Rheumatology Medical Billing, Sleep Medicine Medical Billing, Surgery Medical Billing, Urgent Care, Urology Medical Billing, and more.

The key is in the results; while most specialty medical clinics run at more than 10% in 90 days+ A/R, our clients enjoy less than 10% in overall 90days+ A/R. Even if you have a need for special customization, Outsource Receivables will make sure you’re covered so you achieve your bottom line. Give us a call to learn more about how ORI can save you money.

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