Chicago area Medical Billing CompanyTo be a hospitalist in the Chicago area means that you are the best of the best. You are devoting time and energy helping patients that need it most. Quality Hospitalist can be hindered by errors in medical billing and the documentation that it takes to get paid. In all honesty, documentation, CPT codes, modifiers, and the ever-luring audits of Medicare can be a lot to handle. At Outsource Receivables, Inc., we can take that burden away from you.

While there are many medical billing companies in Chicago that claim they can get the job done, we are the only ones that can guarantee it. Since 1998, Outsource Receivables, Inc., has served Chicago providers with quality medical billing . Providing positive financial impacts on practices, clinics, providers, and hospital we work with. We handle all your medical billing services so that you can focus on being a quality Hospitalist to your patients.

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Before we can tell you how we can help, we look at the areas that need improvement. Gaining a clear picture of where you are financially gives both of us a idea of how to perfect it. This is why we offer free assessments that cover a wide range of topics for medical billing. During this process we gather data using surveys, auditing, and reviewing revenue cycle performance. Once we have all of our data, we begin to analyze and review key components to your billing process. From financial to operational and organizational data. Information is gathered, and our onsite review is done. We are able to assess everything from the scheduling and pre-registration process to billing and follow up.

Hospitalists Medical Billing Company

Now we present the findings so you can see areas of weakness and places for potentially improve. From our assessment alone, it’s obvious that we take a “hands on” approach when it comes to medical billing. Working as a team provides a positive approach ultimately giving you a maximum return on investment. Our experts are highly qualified in every aspect of medical billing and are extremely responsive should questions arise. For more information on Outsource Receivables, Inc., and medical billing in Chicago, call us today at (708) 532-6029.

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