As we reach the end of the year, medical practices will often see an increase in appointments as elective surgeries come up, deductibles are met, and the cold/flu season begins. Is your office prepared?
Evaluate your current staff schedule and how your office handled last year’s busy season. Did the schedule optimize your staff’s time and ability to take on patients? Did one team struggle the most? Logically decide what area needs more support for the upcoming season and whether a full- or part-time help will be necessary to keep the practice running smoothly and on-budget.
This is a good time to update your front desk team on policies and practices and to update any digital sites such as your website with new information about your practice. Consumers are becoming more sophisticated in choosing a provider. Marketing practices that at one time didn’t seem to apply to the medical world now do matter as patients take more responsibility when choosing a provider. Putting your best foot forward online may help to increase your bottom line in the fourth quarter. Making necessary updates to digital sites may also save time for your staff. Simple, common questions can be answered on your website vs your a phone call taken by front desk staff.
Needed updates, such an upgrade to a more efficient practice management system, become evident during the busy season. It is a good time to pay special attention to how well things are moving through your business office. As everyone is pushed to produce during busy times, software and systems weaknesses glare and grow in importance when trying to ensure front desk efficiency and timely billing.
If your practice struggles with scheduling and billing process and struggled to choose the right practice management platform, Outsource Receivables Inc. can help. We are a value-added reseller, CareCloud expert, and we also specialize in medical billing for all practice sizes. Our team will become an invaluable consultant to each practice as we help them choose and customize the best solutions for their needs. Contact us to learn more about how we can boost your practice’s efficiency.
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