Free Medical Billing AssessmentHave you ever thought about outsourcing your medical billing, but you were just too nervous to put all of your eggs in one basket? Trusting an outside billing company with your medical practice can be intimidating and can make you feel a bit unsure. Outsource Receivables, Inc. is a group of medical billing experts that will put your mind at ease by providing quality medical billing services for practices looking to improve their system and become more profitable. We are so confident in our medical billing expertise that we offer free assessments to any practice interested in learning about how we can help them. Did we mention we also offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE?

Why a Free Medical Billing Assessment?

A free assessment of your practice helps both our company and yours to determine the best solution going forward. First and foremost, you get a good idea of what we at Outsource Receivables, Inc., are all about. We want you to know what we are looking for and how we can help to improve your process, taking time and stress away from the practice. We look at the following areas within your practice during our free assessment:

● The existing revenue cycle
● Management operations
● Current performance benchmarking
● Identification of opportunities for financial readiness
● Identification for overall practice readiness

Free Health Care Medical Billing Assessment

While we are conducting our free assessment and evaluation, your practice will have very minimal impact. Our experts are professional, courteous and can keep a low profile as they work. We divide our free assessment into a three step process to make it simple and easy to understand for everyone. Our three steps include a survey assessment, data gathering and analysis, and an on-site presentation of our findings at the end, which are detailed below:

Survey Assessment: In this portion of the assessment, we will be providing you with a short survey that gives us a better idea about your practice as well as your wants and needs. We look at credentialing and contracting, review coding and auditing, go over the operational policies and procedures and examine your revenue cycle performance as well as your IT system infrastructure.
Data Gathering and Analysis: This portion is customized per practice with the gathering of data and analysis that focuses on financial, operational and organizational ideas. We also perform an on-site assessment during this time to identify specific issues that we can help to improve overall performance.
On-Site Presentation: Once our data gathering and analysis is complete, we will present to you our findings and our recommendations going forward. This can include everything from financial outcomes to performance improvement and policies and procedures.

Providing Free Medical Billing Assements

That’s right…a detailed road map to getting your clinics billing on track FOR FREE. Providing free assessments is our way of determining how we can best serve you and help make your practice more productive and profitable. We know once you see how cost effective outsourcing your billing truly can be, partnering with us is a no brainer! For more information about Outsource Receivables, Inc., give us a call today at (866) 585-2800.

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