Minneapolis and ChicagoWhen it comes to managing a Federal Qualified Health Center (FQHC), accurate billing is of utmost importance. An FQHC has specialized reimbursement systems in place with regards to Medicare & Medicaid. This adds an extra layer of difficulty when it comes to trying to handle FQHC medical billing internally. That is, until your Minneapolis, MN FQHC decides to team up with our medical billing experts at Outsource Receivables, Inc. Specializing in FQHC medical billing, we’ll provide your clinic with the billing solutions that have been missing for many years. Need help with claims processing? Overwhelmed by the pile of claims that have coding involved? Looking for advanced technology when it comes to FQHC medical billing? These are just a few of the ways that we can make a positive impact on your FQHC.

Proven Billing Options

At Outsource Receivables Inc., we’ve been providing medical providers from all backgrounds with their billing needs for more than 15 years. Over this time frame, we’ve developed proven medical billing solutions designed to increase your revenue and make your practice more efficient. Some of the proven billing options that we offer FQHC medical providers include:

  • An Admin Team – Let our experienced team serve as your administrative team. We’ll process charges and payments on time and accurately. We’ll reach out to patients regarding late payments. We’ll handle any claim inquiries that you receive from patients. This will free up more time that you can focus serving your patients in Minneapolis, MN.
  • Revenue Management – Not many medical providers enjoy keeping the books in order when it comes to finances. Our data processing team will stay on top of all daily, weekly and monthly receipts to ensure that your practice is financially balanced.
  • Insurance Reimbursement – Don’t let those rejected or denied claims build. Instead, our insurance reimbursement specialists will address any denied or rejected claims within 48 hours so that these claims are addressed in a timely manner.
  • Customer Service – Let our staff be the front line when it comes to customer service. We’ll answer any billing questions that your patients have. We’ll generate letters and make the calls when a claim is past due. We’ll work with your patients to place them on a payment plan that is manageable for both the patient and your practice.
  • Reporting – Reporting and analysis can be a very effective tool for a FQHC if it is easy to understand and clear. At Outsource Receivables Inc., we provide standard monthly reporting centered around charges, denials, rejections, self-pay, receipt detail and Doctor’s production reports. This will provide you with a snapshot of your practice’s administrative performance whenever you’re interested.

If you are involved in managing a FQHC, ensuring that your billing processes are in line at all times is crucial. If you are in the Minneapolis, MN area, our team at Outsource Receivables Inc., is here to help. To learn more about our FQHC medical billing solutions, give us a call today at (866) 585-2800.

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