One of the most important aspects to successful ambulance billing: accurate and detailed identification and notes. Whether a ride is deemed emergency, non-emergency, or canceled, that documentation ensures the ambulance crew gets properly reimbursed for their services. However, there are often times when a patient is unresponsive or unable to remember their information, which can create issues in the Patient Care Report (PCR) that begins the billing process. That can also create problems for the billing team if they are not equipped to handle the follow-up research plus the consistent training required of medical billers to always stay up to date on industry changes. Luckily, there’s an option that helps ambulance services lose less revenue and save money: outsourcing to experts like Outsource Receivables Inc.
ORI can go over the documentation and ensure it meets the insurance or Medicare standards. In other words, our experts will check that the report has sufficient evidence that the ambulance ride was properly documented so that it will go through correctly. Without proper cause, a claim could be denied because the emergency ride wasn’t supported.
ORI will follow-up on PCRs that are lacking important patient identification. Our team has a comprehensive process and tools to provide extensive coverage research to ensure that our ambulance clients are properly reimbursed for their services.
ORI will also follow-up on late or unpaid claims whether it’s due to issues in the report or a lack of payment on the patient’s part. Ambulance crew members and their support teams are busy enough with day-to-day tasks. Using a qualified outsource partner will reduce lost revenue from lack of follow-up.
ORI’s team of billing experts can also recommend software that makes it easier for the ambulance crew to record their reports. If a software change is needed, we can also help train the team so the transition goes smoothly. If they already have adequate software, then our team will seamlessly work with their technology.
As ambulance services see an increase in activity due to COVID-19, having an experienced billing team on their side is more important than ever. If your revenue cycle has hit some snags, then it might be time to look into outsourcing. Give our experts at Outsource Receivables a call to learn more.
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