Efficient Medical Billing ServicesHave you considered outsourcing medical billing for your clinic or practice to a third party? There are numerous advantages to selecting a medical billing service that is staffed with highly experienced professionals who can handle all of your billing and coding needs. Outsource Receivables, Inc. (ORI) is that company. Our process is highly efficient and could save you time and money. Partnering with local medical billing experts is better than working with an offshore vendor where customer support and privacy concerns can be overwhelming. ORI provides customizable services that can manage whatever you need. Services range from a small portion of your clinic’s revenue stream or up to the entire billing process given a boost of efficiency.

Boost Medical Billing Efficiency

Keeping up with the cumbersome and always changing medical billing process can slow down any medical practice. Whether you have a solo practice or an entire clinic to run, claim creation, submissions, appeals and postings can take up a large portion of your clinic resources. It is far too easy to make a mistake that will require your billing staff to correct and resubmit claims. Partnering with an efficient medical billing team can free up your time to see more patients and enjoy the benefits of an increased and reliable revenue stream.

Why Outsource Medical Billing to ORI?

Outsource Receivables specializes in streamlining the entire medical billing process, which in turn can minimize errors and increase productivity. Hiring an in-house medical billing professional or team of claims and compliance specialists can raise the overhead costs to operate your practice. A third party solution can be the answer that you are looking for.

• Customized to Meet Needs of Individual Practice
• Affordable Medical Billing Services
• Transparent Billing Process
• Increased Efficiency
• Outstanding Customer Support
• Free On Site Clinic Assessment
• Technology Focused
• Decreased Errors
• Easy to Understand
• Increased Cash Flow
• Reduced Administrative Costs
• Local Upper Midwest Company
• Complex Compliance Regulations
• Experienced Administrative Professionals
• Money Savings Guaranteed.

Experienced Third Party Medical Billing Team

As a professional healthcare provider, your patients must be able to trust your experience and training. Why would you settle for anything less from your medical billing services provider? (ORI) is staffed with experienced medical billing and processing professionals that are here to support and improve your practice. Our process is highly efficient and customized to suit your clinic’s individual needs.

Contact (ORI) to see how our easy to use, efficient medical billing services can be the solution for your healthcare practice. Minneapolis Team: (866) 585-2800 • Chicago Team: (708) 864-4972

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