Medical Billing Chicago,IL & Minneapolis. MNWhen your medical clinic is growing exceptionally fast, it becomes very difficult to keep up with a lot of the administrative tasks around running a practice. Medical billing is one of the key areas of running a medical clinic that can be overwhelming when handled on your own. So, before you get too overwhelmed, it is important to know that there is help for you in this area of clinic administration. At Outsource Receivables, Inc., & Health PCP, we take pride in being an effective medical billing resource for medical clinics from all backgrounds.

For many medical clinics, giving up control over certain aspects of your clinic can be very difficult. This is why finding a trusted partner that can take your medical clinic to the next level is so critical. That is exactly what you receive when partnering with our medical billing experts at ORI & Health PCP. Building this relationship with our staff is more than just letting us help with the medical billing detail. With every partnership, we aim to make your clinic more successful financially by offering the total package. For instance, at no additional cost, we assist clients in the following key areas:

● Clinic Strategic Planning
● Medical Billing Strategy
● Projections
● Growth Planning

Trusted Partnership With The Right Medical Billing Experts

There is a lot that goes into the medical billing process for a clinic. You’ll quickly gain experienced and educated assistance in key billing areas where you may be struggling by choosing our staff. Our medical billing team will help reduce claim coding errors that you’ve had in the past, will boost the overall speed of your billing processes, will help you receive payment from patients that are overdue, and will provide you with a way to store your patient’s health records confidentiality. Another key area where we can provide assistance is with compliance. Keeping up with the changes to the medical billing rules and regulations is difficult to keep up with on your own, so let our committed staff handle this for your clinic. When it comes to keeping up with your overall growth as a clinic, our reporting tools will help you see aspects of your medical clinic that you’ve never tapped into before. In turn, you’ll become a more effective clinic and your practice’s revenue will surely increase.

Effective Medical Billing Resource

So, if you are in the middle of rapid growth when it comes to your medical clinic, don’t let your billing processes hold you back. If you are looking for an effective medical billing resource to help you manage the billing aspect of your clinic, look no further than our billing experts at ORI & Health PCP. To learn more, give one of our offices a call today:

● Minneapolis Office: (866) 585-2800
● Chicago Office: (708) 864-4972

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