Customize Your Medical Billing ProcessesCustomizing your medical billing processes has never been easier with Outsource Receivables, Inc., & Health PCP. Since 1998, ORI and Health PCP, has been helping medical offices stay in front of health code changes, billing compliance updates, improve their medical billing processes and create a more flourishing environment overall. If you are looking for a way to improve your medical billing process and tailor it to your medical practice’s needs, consider utilizing your Chicago, IL or our Minneapolis, MN medical billing experts at ORI, & Health PCP.

Free Medical Practice Assessment

We believe that every medical practice deserves a chance to be great. Medical billing should not be something that holds a practice or department back from helping a community achieve wellness. So, if your practice is struggling with medical billing, it’s important to get a real handle on it. ORI & Health PCP strive to really get to know and understand a practice before we make any suggestions on how to improve. We want to be a positive force that escalates your practice functionally and financially. This is why we offer a free assessment before we try to implement anything new. In this assessment, we perform a test survey, gather data on your financial, operational and organizational components, analyze that data, perform an on-site review of your practice, and then present to you our findings within the assessment. This allows us to really customize your billing process so that you can make the most of our medical billing services.

Collaborating With Your Medical Billing Provider

If you are looking for more customization in your medical billing services, it means that you want a company that tailors to your medical billing needs. This is one of the many reasons why ORI and Health PCP takes a hands-on approach. Every medical practice that partners with us has a team of experts working behind the scenes for your benefit. Each practice has a client account manager that acts as a point person for crucial information. Whether it’s just a check in or a time-sensitive issue that happens to be taking place, your client account manager is here to help you with all of your needs. This ultimately cultivates a collaborative environment that allows you to have a more personal, customizable experience with our medical billing services.

Customize Your Medical Billing Processes

For more information on customizing your medical billing processes, give ORI & Health PCP a call today. Contact us at our Chicago office at (708) 864-4972.

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