Enhancing Patient Collections MNThere are many different scenarios and stories we could choose to talk about when it comes to saving money by outsourcing your medical billing. From mistakes made and claims completed in error, to time saved and technology utilized, Outsource Receivables, Inc., can show you the cost effectiveness of outsourcing your medical billing.

Saving Time & Decreasing Staff

If you’ve been in the medical business for any amount of time, it’s likely you understand how frustrating it is to not have a reliable, knowledgeable staff that understands the medical billing process. Should we even mention the fact that they could quit or call out at any moment and leave your office in shambles? Outsourcing your medical billing prevents this issue! Now you have less staff on the payroll, a multitude of medical billing experts at your fingertips and time well saved!

Hiring an Expert Saves Money

So why is having a medical billing expert so important? Take a look back at your own records. How many of your claims were delayed due to error? How many times were claims cancelled because your practice sent in the wrong documentation, misplaced something, or it was just coded incorrectly? At Outsource Receivables, Inc., we are experts in our field. We aren’t doing a multitude of different tasks, this is 100% what we focus on all day, every day. We stay up to date and current on any insurance changes or any new allowances and restrictions. Hiring an expert means less mistakes and money in your pocket much faster.

Increasing Your Revenue

Not only are we going to tell you that we will save you money, but we are also going to show you how we can increase it as well! Time is everything in the medical field. In some cases, it can mean the difference of a life saved. We recognize the importance of timely care at Outsource Receivables, Inc., and we do our part to give you more time and increase your revenue. The less time you spend focusing on medical billing and the paperwork involved, the more time you can dedicate to your patients. Whether that means longer, quality visits or a higher volume of patients, time is money and it will increase!

Faster Billing Cycle

Our last example on how your practice can become more cost effective through outsourcing your medical billing is by having a faster billing cycle. All charges and payments are processed and placed in the system within 48 hours so payments can be made. If there are ever any denials or insurance rejections, we strive for a 48 hour time limit. Additionally, 95% of all patient calls are answered within two hours so that any issues with billing can be resolved as quickly as possible. The faster claims are processed and approved, the faster the practice gets paid.

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