We’ve all heard the phrase “communication is key,” but this is especially true in healthcare services. From doctors talking with patients to front desk staff answering questions, everyone needs to communicate effectively in order to streamline the clinic processes – especially the billing process.
The current healthcare landscape can be confusing for many patients, so it’s important for clinic staff to be prepared for questions regarding billing. In the world today, patients are shopping for medical services just like they shop for other things. Questions about cash discounts, payment plans, what insurance is accepted are all becoming more and more common in the clinic setting. Showing that your clinic is organized and efficient in answering these questions is in part why patients chose your clinic over a competitor.
Simple things such as having a list of procedures and costs available for the front desk can reduce the amount of time staff is spending on the calls with potential patients and help them make decisions about which providers to use.
Equipping the front desk staff with a list of required information to gather when scheduling appointments is also critical to your success. Missed insurance and billing information can delay your payments.
The experts at Outsource Receivables Inc. are proficient in the medical billing process. We have a vast assortment of resources to not only complete your medical billing and claims, but also to help your staff be more effective in day-to-day interactions with patients. Contact us to learn more today.
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