Billing Advancements Made Easy

There are certain areas of your medical practice that you run the same way to this day as you did when you first began serving your community. Those types of areas are probably centered around customer service, timeliness and cleanliness. There are, however, other... Read Full Post →

Family Practice Medical Billing Services

“Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity.” -Hippocrates Hippocrates got it right. If you are running a family practice, it’s fair to assume that you are in the business of improving the lives of your patients and empowering the... Read Full Post →

Keys to Enhancing Patient Collections

As a medical professional, having to follow up with your patients to ensure that patient balances are addressed is more than likely not your favorite part of your job. Tackling patient collections on your own can be draining and extremely time consuming. So, there’s... Read Full Post →

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