Small practices and their employees wear many hats. There’s revenue to manage, medical billing, patient engagement to stay on top of, health records to update, and so much more. Even if patients enjoy the personable feel of a smaller practice, they may choose to leave due to issues that may occur like disorganization, a lack of patient focus, or inefficient billing practices. No one likes getting a bill six months after a procedure!

Thus, with limited resources, it can be difficult for a small medical practice to keep up with paperwork, communication, revenue, and all the other daily tasks when they need to focus on the most important part—the patients. Important tasks like timely billing could fall by the wayside thus making it hard for the practice to pay bills on time.

What then is a good solution for a small practice to stay on top of all the necessary tasks of running the business end of the practice?

CareCloud, a cloud-based software that is scalable for growing practices, can provide your practice with a powerful management system that streamlines everything from patient communication to medical billing.

What makes CareCloud ideal for a small practice?

  • Implementation is much simpler with cloud based EHR systems
  • Practices realize tremendous savings from cloud based EHR systems
  • IT resource requirements are significantly reduced when practices choose to move medical records to the cloud
  • Web-based software provides superior accessibility and collaboration over client-server systems
  • Scalability is simplified with cloud-based systems. Small practices can expand without the standard IT growing pains

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