In this CareCloud case study recap, Premier Dermatology, an award-winning dermatology office in Silicon Valley, was struggling with multiple billing issues and needed an optimized solution. Their previous billing system resulted in tens of thousands in collections, difficult to manage co-pays, and a complicated, disconnected system that their administrative staff was not able to fully utilize. By switching to CareCloud, they increased their profitability, eliminated high collections, and improved their first pass resolution rate in a short time frame.
As a personalized skin and body care practice with a high patient volume, Premier Dermatology strove to focus on patient care, but struggled to fully meet the needs of their clients due to a faulty billing and management system. Eventually, Dr. Marie Jhin, the director, realized that they needed to rehaul their management software if they wanted to improve their administrative process, meet the needs of their patients, and streamline their billing.
Premier Dermatology switched over to CareCloud’s Concierge RCM software, which focused on optimizing their billing flow and practice management. As a result, their first pass resolution rate went from 84% to 97%; their service to payment timeline reduced by 15 days; and their days in A/R went from 47 to 21. The staff was able to easily handle the optimized system of CareCloud, which drastically improved their revenue cycle management by “doubling their financial growth.”
Additionally, Premier Dermatology utilized the software to monitor their practice performance through CareCloud’s built-in analytics. Pre-built reports were able to break down financial, administrative, and clinic metrics, so they could make data-driven decisions to help improve and reach their goals. Front staff also improved their productivity by easily being able to book and confirm appointments, check-in patients, and view the office schedules. CareCloud helped Premier Dermatology completely revitalize their practice management, so they could properly care for their patients and maintain the business.
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