Minneapolis and Chicago Medical Billing SolutionsIf you run a cardiology clinic and have been thinking about the idea of outsourcing your medical billing system to minimize the administrative burden for your staff and increase overall efficiency, now is a great time to learn more about our team at Outsource Receivables, Inc. (ORI). We partner with practice administrators in the Midwest and all over the country to improve medical billing processes while bringing our highest standards for quality and customer service, technology, and a responsive culture. You may be concerned that your current medical billing system is too complex to outsource, but our team is extremely flexible and can use your software, our software or a combination of the two to create an interface that is customized for your specific cardiology practice. You will see immediate outcomes to your bottom line.

Simplify Healthcare Reimbursement

The Outsource Receivables, Inc. team has solutions for medical billing issues that are specific to your specialty. Our staff averages more than a decade of experience each in billing and you get this expertise and experience without having to pay for training or benefits and their supervision is not your responsibility. Our system is user friendly and gives you 24 hour access to your patients’ billing information as well as detailed billing reports that can track efficiency and results.

One of the most time consuming and difficult parts of the billing process is getting reimbursed by insurance companies. Our staff can manage this entire process for you and has an insurance reimbursement team dedicated to resolving rejections and denials and managing a high volume workload that is often seen in a cardiology practice. Our unique system of identifying and prioritizing rejections and denials allows us to work through the billing problems in a timely way which will help your medical practice quickly see better cash flow and profitability. We also work to minimize collections issues so that your practice maintains a low bad debt percentage.

Medical Billing Solutions

So, if getting rid of the stress of managing your cardiology practice’s billing system sounds appealing to you, contact our team at 866-585-2800 to learn more about integrating ORI’s medical billing system into your practice in the coming months. We can even provide you with more information including an initial assessment of your practice and an estimate of your practice’s return on investment should you partner with our team. We respond quickly, our team is professional and you will see results fast– that is our commitment to you, guaranteed.

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