In November, most specialty clinics can honestly say they are very busy. Many deductibles for the year have been met and patients who have been putting off services are now eager to make appointments before the end of the year.
But busy in business doesn’t always equate to profitable. One of the most common goals clients express is the desire to be a more profitable medical business. Most businesses, whether they are large or small, struggle with this same goal of being profitable.
For more than 20 years, Outsource Receivables Inc has worked with specialty medical clinics to help them be more productive in the area of medical billing. Boosting productivity is one of the most important steps to becoming more profitable.
Ways to Boost Productivity in a Medical Office
  • Focus on your online presence – When was the last time your website was updated? Is it optimized for mobile devices? With more people than ever using their phones to search online, pay bills, and schedule appointments it’s critical that your website is working as hard as it can for your business.
  • Look into virtual visits – If you’re looking for a quick profitability boost, investigate offering virtual visits. This kind of flexibility will maximize everyone’s schedule.
  • Make collections a priority for everyone working in the office – Unpaid patient bills can cause significant stress for any medical practice. If you’re having trouble collecting on past due accounts, research hiring a medical billing company that can take this stress off your shoulders.
  • Look at staff overtime and pay – Take a closer look at the amount of overtime you paid out in 2019 and look at ways to create more consistent workflow in 2020.
  • Add an additional patient visits each day – Adding just one new patient each day over time can drastically increase profitability for your overall medical practice.
  • Delegate work whenever possible – Delegate any tasks that don’t require a physician’s license. This way you’re not paying a physician to do tasks that could be easily handled by office staff.
  • Reduce wait times – Long wait times can be extremely frustrating for patients. In fact, waiting at a doctor’s office is frequently identified as one of the main reasons a patient leaves a practice. Focus on keeping wait times to a minimum to encourage patient loyalty.
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