Imagine this, your patient arrives for their first visit and instead of handing them a clipboard, pen, and stack of paper forms to fill out they receive an iPad instead. The forms you need to collect are quickly filled out electronically and entered securely into your practice management system. Your patient is happy because the normal time-wasting and sometimes frustrating paper process took no time at all. Your staff is happy because they’re no longer stuck keying all the information into the system and you’re happy because the information was collected correctly and efficiently saving your practice money.
This is just one way the app Breeze, by CareCloud, can help make your practice more consumer-friendly and efficient.
Benefits for Patients
  • Spend less time waiting
  • Pre-register in advance and update your information anytime, anywhere
  • Schedule appointments quickly
  • Receive secure messages, manage appointments, and schedule follow-ups in a few easy clicks
  • No more clipboards
  • Enter your information once, and make it accessible to all your doctors on Breeze
  • Easier ways to pay – Credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay, PayPal and checks supported, with more to come
Benefits For You
  • Make Your Practice Efficient – From the fastest patient registration and intake solution to seamless integration into your PM and EHR, Breeze makes every interaction between patients and your practice easy.
  • Increase Practice Profit – Your patients can now pay their own way. There’s no more hassle in patient payments as Breeze provides multiple payment options. They’re able to pay when they want, wherever they want, and it allows you quick access to collect your funds – shortening the wait-time for you.
  • Electronic Intake – Turn paper and pens into taps and clicks for patients in your practice, at home or on the go with the fastest electronic intake solution available today
  • Online Pre-Registration – Eliminate waiting by having patients fill out forms ahead of time, and have their answers populate directly into your PM and EHR
  • Automated Appointment Management – Patients can request, reschedule, pre-pay and get reminders for upcoming appointments without a single minute of staff time wasted
  • Create More Patient Transparency – Make it easier than ever for your patients to see their balance breakdown. With Breeze, the app shows complete transparency of cost and detailed information for your clients to view and pay.
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