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Medical Billing Blogs

Ambulance Billing Best Practices

Ambulance billing reimbursement is just like clinic or hospital medical billing: it requires specific knowledge of relevant codes, processes, and regulations. However,these services have their own nuances to consider for optimal revenue results, which all ambulance service billers should comply with.

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How Outsourcing Can Improve Your School Billing

With schools focused on working around COVID-19 and trying to implement telehealth services, their billing may have fallen to the wayside—especially as regulations continue to change and evolve. Reimbursement through Medicaid can be especially complicated if the right steps are not implemented, and all it takes are a few incorrect codes to cause a denied claim. To give some relief and ensure school revenue does not suffer, districts should consider the benefits of outsourcing.

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School IEP Medicaid Billing and Effective Documentation 

One of the most important aspects of effective medical billing: proper documentation. Healthcare providers require precise systems to ensure their staff are taking proper notes and service documentation, but sometimes those processes can get lost in the hectic school environment. Without proper documentation of the Medicaid-based services offered in an educational institution, a school district can start to lose revenue. One way to help with this challenge is to implement a routine study for staff involved in those services. 

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Reasons Ambulance Claims Are Denied

As with clinic and hospital billing, ambulance claims have their own procedures for billing. To keep on top of changes, ambulance crew members should receive continuous training and continually updated on the procedures and codes necessary for the claims. Patient care reports (PCRs) need to be expertly prepared by the crew for the claims to go through correctly.

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