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Medical Billing Blogs

Breeze by CareCloud

Imagine this, your patient arrives for their first visit and instead of handing them a clipboard, pen, and stack of paper forms to fill out they receive an iPad instead. The forms you need to collect are quickly filled out electronically and entered securely into your practice management system. Your patient is happy because the normal time-wasting and sometimes frustrating paper process took no time at all. Your staff is happy because they’re no longer stuck keying all the information into the system and you’re happy because the information was collected correctly and efficiently saving your practice money.

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The CareCloud Difference

Can a different practice management system really make a difference for your medical practice? The simple answer is yes.
In a case study done by CareCloud, Island Endoscopy Center ran into issues with their billing due to an inefficient legacy system and overseas billing partner. Their “billing codes had to be manually transcribed into a separate practice management system” because their EHR did not have the bandwidth to handle the full billing process, and it also lacked performance transparency. After finding a better system software and billing partner that was not overseas, they began to see overall improvements.

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Leveraging Technology to Increase Your Practice’s Bottom Line

As of June 12, 2019, 96% of Americans own a cellphone of some kind and 81% have a smartphone. Apps, online bill pay, and scheduling everything from soccer practices to dental appointments is happening everyday on a mobile device. Is your clinic keeping up with the busy lives of your patients? Maybe an even better question is whether your practice is truly leveraging technology for efficiency. If you’re not sure, the information below is a great read for you. Patients are acting and demanding healthcare practices provide the same conveniences they are used to with other businesses. They want to be served timely, be able to communicate easily via apps and online web portals, pay bills online, and they are shopping between providers to get the best prices for the services they need. Just like the local auto repair shop, your practice is competing now more than ever for the patients that walk through your door.

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Change Is Good!

Someone once said, “If you don’t change, you don’t grow. The same can be said about businesses. Advances in medical practice management and continual changes in medical billing make it difficult for even seasoned professionals to stay current. Change is always hard until it becomes easy, but does your practice have the internal bandwidth to wait until the changes are easy? Outsourcing medical billing is an easy solution to the medical billing problem.

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