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Medical Billing Blogs

Standing Out in a Competitive Landscape

Now more than ever, clinics need to focus on patient service and consumerism. Administrators know that deductibles are high after the start of the new year, patients are especially concerned with costs and the effectiveness of service. New and current patients alike will be asking questions about the price of your services, how insurance applies, and any copays they might have to pay upfront. Staff need to be proactive in addressing these questions.

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Communication Is a Priority for Specialty Clinics

We’ve all heard the phrase “communication is key,” but this is especially true in healthcare services. From doctors talking with patients to front desk staff answering questions, everyone needs to communicate effectively in order to streamline the clinic processes – especially the billing process.

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SimpleNote: The Best Software Assistant for IEP Services

Working with expert medical billers doesn’t just mean a boost in revenue: it also means that they have an arsenal of software to recommend to help clients better understand and improve their day-to-day operations. For education clients that offer IEP services that need to be billed, we offer SimpleNote, a free proprietary software specialized for IEP services. This software is an accessible web-based system that can be easily customized to each client’s specific needs while meeting State requirements.

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How Are Your Billing Practices?

When a clinic’s billing process gets behind, their bottom lines suffers for it. Those billing issues can start a wave of other problems such as delayed or incorrect billing, frustrated patients, a decrease in patients, and overworked employees. A specialty clinic’s billing needs to be handled by experts who are up-to-date on any changes in the industry and who continue to stay current. One great way to solve those issues? Outsourcing to experts.

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