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Medical Billing Blogs

Beginning January 2021: Updates to E/M Coding and Medical Billing Conversion Factor

Outsource Receivables Inc. strives to stay updated on changes in the healthcare industry while also helping our clients and other healthcare professions stay informed as well. As we enter 2021, there are important changes occurring in E/M codes (evaluation and management services) and Medicare that providers and billers should know.

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Outsource Receivables Has Earned a Seal of HIPAA Compliance

Outsource Receivables Inc. is proud to announce that they have attained the seal of HIPAA compliance from the Compliance Group. Since 1996, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act has been used by relevant healthcare entities and businesses to outline the lawful use and disclosure of protected health information, otherwise known as PHI. They are a strict set of regulatory compliances that help ensure those entities are properly protecting the privacy, security, and integrity of patient information; this includes private information like addresses, phone numbers, medical records, Social Security numbers, etc. Successfully achieving HIPAA compliance requires extensive documentation and grading that is reviewed by HIPAA officials.

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Improving Your Clinics Bottom Line in 2021

This year has been an unprecedented period in modern healthcare, and the industry has had to rapidly adapt to the times. As a result, many clinics and providers have struggled to reach their typical revenue goals and budgets. While it could all be blamed on COVID-19, it might also be a call to improve your clinic’s internal issues. Here are a few key ones to consider that could help improve your bottom line going into 2021:

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How ORI Can Help You Find The Right Medical Billing Software

A variety of factors contribute to a successful clinic: excellent front staff, experienced doctors, streamlined billing, and a comprehensive EHR software are four important ones. While some of those will depend on the staff, a comprehensive EHR software can be a large part of how staff complete their tasks, communicate with patients, and streamline medical billing.

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