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Guaranteed to Save 15% in Medical Billing Costs if Outsource With Outsource Receivables

Guaranteed to Save 15% in Medical Billing Costs if Outsource With Outsource ReceivablesIn the business world, there are truly few guarantees. You likely started your medical practice with a grand mission of providing the highest level of care to your patients. While you likely still hold true to that passion, you also likely have been jaded by the massive amount of administrative headaches that occur with running a medical practice. One of the those headaches likely has to do with medical billing. Your office likely spends significant time tracking down late payers, and responding to denials from insurance providers.

There has to be a better way, right?

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Rejected Claims

Rejected ClaimsAre you constantly dealing with rejected claims in your medical office? If so, you’re likely trying to find out where the breakdown is between your medical billing department and your providers, but at Outsource Receivables, we’re here to tell you that there’s another way. By outsourcing your entire medical billing operation to an outside firm that specializes in reducing rejected claims you’ll find that your office is much more profitable and you’re able to enjoy treating patients again as opposed to the constant busy work that’s unavoidable when it comes to medical billing…and the worst is rejected claims!

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Growing Clinics Need to Outsource

Growing Clinics Need to OutsourceAs a medical office, if you’re looking to grow, you likely understand the challenges that exist when it comes to scaling a medical practice. You may have entertained the idea of growing your medical practice through acquisitions, but pared back due to the complexities involved in integrating two completely different ways of running a medical office. Thankfully, if you’re looking to grow your medical practice, there’s an option to help you scale without the headaches you’re accustomed to. That answer comes in the form of Outsource Receivables, an outsourced medical billing provider. We can help you as you attempt to grow through streamlining

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Video 0166: Growing When There Aren’t Enough Hours in the Day

Outsource Receivables Video Blog SeriesFor busy doctors, 24 hours in a day are just not enough. Our ORI Minute today details how we helped one clinic supplement their existing business office staff by outsourcing medical billing. It was like adding hours to the day due to the increase in productivity. New technology was also installed to help key people track important KPIs for the clinic thus making it easier for the decision makers to plan and grow the practice.

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Video 0165: Staying Ahead of Ever-Changing Technology in Medical Billing

Outsource Receivables Video Blog SeriesChanging technology is difficult for most businesses, but this is especially true in the medical billing world. It’s difficult for in-house business offices to stay current with the ever-changing technology in medical billing. Our case study today shows how ORI helped a client move from a legacy medical billing system to a new one that set them on a path to their goals.

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