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Medical Billing Blogs

CareCloud for Practices of All Sizes

Medical clinics come in all shapes and sizes, but they all need to handle their practice management in an efficient and timely way. Some may have a large billing department with many people dedicated the important task while others have just one person responsible for billing related matters. From large, enterprise medical facilities to small solo practitioners, CareCloud caters to the unique needs of independent practices with scalable solutions.
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Go Mobile with Your Practice Management Software

These days, there seems to be an app for everything, and the health industry is no exception. The smartphone has become the primary way for patients to do research on healthcare, communicate with providers, and schedule appointments. If a medical practice wants to stay relevant, they have to adapt to their patient's changing habits. With the mobile app from CareCloud, both provider and patient alike can manage their time easily.
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Outsourcing Your Medical Billing vs Keeping It In-house

Have you considered how outsourcing your medical billing could affect your business? While keeping the billing in house can be beneficial in some instances, it’s not always the most effective option. The process of medical billing takes years of experience and technology to master, and a clinic can lose money simply because claims aren’t being processed correctly due to a failing in-house people and systems.
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Working Medical Billing Pre-Collections vs Collections

Efficient pre-collections processes are an essential part to any healthy medical office. The steps taken within your office at each step of the patient payment journey affects how timely payments are received and prevents sending accounts to outside collections. If medical clinics want to receive the full amount of their billing, they must have an organized system in place.
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