Billing Assistance Medical Practices of All Sizes Minneapolis, MN & Chicago, ILRegardless of what growth stage your medical clinic currently falls under, the billing processes you must deal with on a daily basis can be challenging. It can be the number one issue between success and failure. We have seen it…and been strategic in helping turn those same clinic’s and practices into profitable well managed businesses. If you are currently focused on start-up a new clinic, or put in extra time to expand your medical clinic, let our staff at Outsource Receivables, Inc., & Health PCP take the medical billing process off of your plate. Our team evaluates your practice which includes: survey assessment, data gathering and analysis, an on-site presentation of the findings. This process determines if our two companies are a good fit.

Start-Up Clinic Help

When starting a medical clinic from scratch, you are diving into every aspect of running the practice. Consider a partnership with our staff at ORI, & Health PCP so you can focus on expanding other key areas of your new clinic. We’ll help you determine the best billing system to utilize as we assist you with setting up a relationship with insurance companies and help you incorporate an electronic health records system. We will also introduce you to a Practice Management System that fits your needs. When it comes to your administrative staffing, we can provide you with guidance in this area as well.

Growing Clinic Assistance

The growing stage of your clinic is very critical. Don’t let the billing processes around your office prevent you from capitalizing on the growth potential for your clinic. There is no doubt that handling billing processes internally can be time consuming. So, let our medical billing experts step in and help you with continuing to grow your cash flow, improving all aspects of your billing practices, handling technology resource upgrades, and even training your staff.

Maintaining Your Mature Clinic

If you have a medical clinic that is mature and has continued to be successful over the years, you have a lot to be thankful for. By letting our staff at ORI & Health PCP handle your medical billing management needs, our specialists will help you with new technology to make your clinic more efficient. Additionally, our partnership can help you make important financial decisions around medical billing and revenue cycle management for your mature medical clinic.

Billing Assistance For All Size Medical Practices

No matter if you are a start-up medical clinic or a mature clinic, seeking medical billing assistance from our team at ORI & Health PCP is a great decision that you will surely not regret. Letting go of your billing processes will help free up more time that you can use to focus on other areas of your clinic. To learn more about how we can help your clinic in the future, give our Minneapolis office a call at (866) 585-2800 or call our Chicago office today at (708) 864-4972.

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