Medical billing does not solely rely on correct coding and up-to-date regulations to be successful; for a productive billing process, it requires the right information to be collected when the patient makes an appointment, routine follow-up, and much more. Here are some ways to improve a medical practice’s billing management:
•   Start off right. Have a script or checklist available for the front staff desk to gather all the necessary insurance information.
•   Utilize modern advantages to save yourself time. Accept credit cards for payment to make it easier on patients and ensure you collect co-pays and deductibles in a timely way. Multiple credit cards collection points make it easier for patients to pay as they may not have cash or check ready to go.
•   Be meticulous when filling out and submitting claims. A mistake in coding or insurance information are common in clinics overwhelmed by their billing process, and mistakes only worsen the time-crunch. Re-submissions cost time and money.
•   Be timely. Not coding visits will cost the clinic long-term since bills could be delayed. Early submission equals early payment. Your patients will appreciate this as well especially as the year goes on and they are fulfilling their deductible.
•   Be on top of your denied claims. Quick turnaround on a re-submission helps to get you paid faster.
Overall, simplifying the process for your billing team and patients will help increase overall productivity. If the billing process still does not improve due to an inefficient team, then it may be time to outsource the billing process. In many ways, medical clinics can save time and money by taking their billing to experts that will take care of the billing when needed—so, for example, during slower times you will not have to worry about whether or not you need a full-time or part-time worker for billing or putting extra work on your front staff.
Outsource Receivables Inc. is an experienced, affordable, and revenue-focused billing team of experts who can help your medical clinic become more efficient. To learn more about our services and benefits, contact us today.
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