Benefits Of Outsourcing Medical BillingWhile we all want our medical practice to succeed, it’s safe to say that all businesses have some sort of pain point. For most practices and clinics in Chicago, it’s not the practice of medicine. In fact, it has nothing to do with the providers at all. Most common benefits of outsourcing medical billing include, reducing high levels of bad and uncollected billing, not having to train new staff billing process and billing software. Having an expert do this for you saves time, money and piece of mind.

Medical Billing Assessment

At Outsource Receivables we don’t believe the line, “ignorance is bliss.” At the end of the day, your medical practice must have a positive return on investment to make it in the Chicago area. Therefore, we believe that no practice or clinic should be ignorant to their medical collection flaws. In order to best serve you, we offer free assessments of your practice. This process is a way for us to better understand your practice. And for us to show you all of the ways that we can help positively impact your practice. Whether claims aren’t processed correctly or your staff isn’t with insurance and code changes. Outsource Receivables can find the issues and help to build your practice and make it stronger.

Benefits Of Outsourcing Medical Billing Included a Free Assessment

A free assessment is done by our team of experts who conduct a short survey. Cover everything from coding and auditing to operational policies and revenue cycle performance. Data is gathered to analyze and review. We also do an on-site review so that we can see for ourselves how your office flow is done. From schedule to billing and follow-up, we want to see how well your staff and your practice operates. Once we have done our assessment, we will present our findings. Offering specific recommendations so that your practice can function at its highest ability.

How Can ORI Help?

At Outsource Receivables we take the assessment and we focus in on your pain points. Because these points can be detrimental to your practice, we heavily focus on strengthening these areas to improve the revenue flow of your practice. Every aspect of medical billing is covered by an expert team member that understands the medical billing process. Not only do we aim to increase your revenue, we free up time so that your providers can focus more on the patients.

For more information on medical collections services in Chicago, IL, contact Outsource Receivables today and get rid of all your pain points. For a free assessment, call us today at (866) 585-2800.

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