A benefit to working with Outsource Receivables Inc. on streamlining your medical billing includes help with the clinic’s overall workflow. We offer MidBizCloud, a suite of RCM tools that leverages technology to improve your current system and workflow practices. Tools included in MedBizCloud:

Practice Management

Our chosen practice management system is Open Practice Solutions. One of its key benefits is its platform is an open-concept build, which makes it highly customizable. We work with a variety of small- to medium-sized medical clinics, so this is an important tool. If you’re worried about the switch from your current system to a new one, you don’t have to be with ORI. We will provide setup, interfacing, training, and ongoing support at no extra cost.

Bill Pay

One of the biggest changes happening in the healthcare industry is the move to an online, more accessible model. MedBiz Bill Pay allows your patients to easily pay their bills online through a secure and efficient credit card portal. It can be integrated with your website, and processing fees are volume discounted to your specific practice.

Digital Imaging

Expertly manage your deposits and reports through the MedBiz Digital Imaging tool. This tool will efficiently integrate your financial management, record all receipts and correspondence, and work with automated workflows to make it easier for your practice overall. Enjoy timely processing of payment data, accurate deposit management, and payment posting.

Ticket and Case Management

Easily handle volumes of ticket and case management on a Salesforce CRM-built platform. The client portal will track changes and requests, and the staff portal will help streamline the medical billing process by integrating information to our account auditing software and allowing daily reporting. Plus, it can also maintain patient customer service and insurance exceptions management.

Client Transfer

When files need to be transferred between clinics, they should be secure. Our Citrix-based Client Transfer Hub will efficiently transfer files to and from a clinic, record them, and tie-in to individual or group notifications.

Each of these tools is customized for your medical billing workflows. If you’re interested in upgrading your system to a more customizable option, contact our experts to set up a demo.

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