At Outsourced Receivables, we help businesses of all types with their medical billing needs. What many may not realize is that we’re also equipped to help organizations provide accurate billing for Minnesota’s Housing First Partnership.

What is The Housing First Partnership?

The Housing First Partnership is an initiative in Minnesota to help end homelessness. This initiative is focused on individuals and families that have a long history of homelessness and need some additional support in the form of housing and other resources to help maintain or stabilize their housing situation.

With The Housing First Partnership, families and individuals can receive housing assistance as well as ongoing case management, and other supportive services that will ultimately assist them in becoming successful tenants.

Who are Ideal Candidates for The Housing First Partnership:

• Families and individuals in Hennepin County who have been homeless for an extended period of time
• Those who have a disability that prevents them from working
• Those with an extremely low income

So far more than 1,000 households have been successfully housed through this program, which makes it a great success in the eyes of those in the community!

Importance of Proper Billing for The Housing First Partnership

Recently Hennepin County indicated that they will require medical billing for reimbursement of Housing First Partnership services. At Outsource Receivables, we were ready to assist organizations streamline how they submitted proper billing for these extremely necessary services. Outsource Receivables offers a package that includes expert medical billing software, clearinghouse services and workflow software – all included in a flat service fee. These services must be billed following State guidelines using a T1019 code with February 1st, 2018 being the start date for billing. ORI has many years of experience billing the State of Minnesota for similar services which allows a quick and efficient reimbursement phase in.

Without proper billing, service organizations may not be properly reimbursed, which could lead to some of these individuals who are desperate for housing ending up back on the streets of Minnesota. If you’re an organization or facility that provides services through The Housing First Partnership, it’s critical that billing procedures are in place to ensure you’re being properly reimbursed. For more information about anything mentioned in this blog, don’t hesitate to reach out to Outsource Receivables at 866-585-2800 today or through our contact form. Remember, we’re not just a medical billing provider, but rather a provider that’s confident we can help your organization with any type of billing need including assistance with The Housing First Partnership.

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