The right technology can make a huge difference in the success of a specialty clinic. From billing to scheduling, an efficient software can be the solution to slow processes or revenue cycle. Some benefits for patients and providers include:

Understanding Financial Responsibility

Gathering all of a patient’s bills and payment information in one place makes it easy for them to understand. Instead of them having to sift through pages and pages of bills, most patient portals allow them to easily toggle between bills to see what they owe, what insurance covers, and when the total is due. Additionally, you can have financing options available for them to choose so they see exactly what they’ll need to pay on a monthly basis.

Allows More Visibility for Providers

A database of your patients, their bills, and their debts allows your clinic a better picture of Clinic front staff showing patient their EHR softwarewhere patients may not be upholding their financial responsibility. If they have outstanding bills, then the front staff should be able to easily see that if they call to schedule. Let me know that they will need to pay their bill before their visit and the financing options that you offer to help.

Increases Transparency

An itemized bill helps patients know exactly what they and their insurance are paying. For a clinic, the right technology will make it easy to follow the journey from appointment notes to biller, insurance, and then patient. Then the system can easily track the process, and if an error did occur, it’s easier to find the origin.

Increases Revenue

Patients are more likely to pay off a bill if they have to option to pay online. They appreciate the ease of logging into an account or going to a secure page, putting in their card info, and paying off their debt in minutes.

Provides Positive Experience

One of the biggest benefits to a customized, online HER/EMR platform involves timely communication. Appointments are scheduled easily, notes are documented, patient info can be easily referenced with a simple search, and bills can be sent out quickly. Patients notice when a clinic is organized, and they will have a more positive experience.

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